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Medical Optometry Clinic 



Gordon Wood Eye Associates is a full-scope eye care centre for you and your family. Your sight plays a critical role in maintaining your overall quality of life. Regular ocular health exams are recommended to ensure the most important sensory organ - EYES - is in good condition. Our high standards and quality in healthcare is assuring.

We are excited to be one of the specialized eye clinics in Midtown Toronto to provide evidence-based myopia (near-sightedness) control options as a standard of care for all at-risk children, delivered by our experienced doctor of optometry.  Personalized treatment plans for slowing down the myopia progression can be discussed with us, all in one place.  We are here to combat this increasing world-wide public health concern.


We have built Gordon Wood Eye Associates to be a Specialty Contact Lens clinic to improve visual quality for patients with compromised vision and corneal irregularities.  You deserve the best clarity in your vision.


optical lab

On-Site Diagnostic Imaging & Testing

Accepting all major

insurance plans

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Comprehensive eye exams

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specialty contact lens

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myopia Management

Emergency Eye Care

Dry Eye Assessment

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All-in-One Optical Services

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