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Emergency Eye Exam

Whenever you need us, we are here! Eye emergencies are not uncommon and can lead to permanent vision loss if not treated by an appropriate vision care provider. Gordon Wood Eye Associates provides immediate emergency eye care from work-related injuries, sudden eye irritation and infection. Symptoms that require immediate medical attention include:​​

  • sudden decrease of loss of vision

  • sudden double vision

  • eye infections ie. conjunctivitis (pink eye)

  • styes (small, painful bumps on the eye from a bacterial infection)

  • sudden flashes and/or floaters

  • foreign bodies or materials stuck in the eyes

  • itchy or irritated eyes, including from ocular allergies

  • cuts or scratches to the cornea

  • concussions

  • chemical exposure

  • blunt force to the eye

Things to NOT to do while waiting for professional medical examination include:

  • do not press on an injured eye

  • do not rub the eye

  • do not attempt to remove an object or a foreign body that is on or embedded in the eye

  • do not use cotton swabs (Qtips) or tweezers on the eye

  • do not flush the eye with tap water.  Saline must be used

Contact our office immediately for further instructions.  New patients may require a full vision exam.  No referrals are necessary.  For after hours emergency, we recommend patients to visit your local hospital for immediate attention.

diabetic retinopathy.jpeg


retinal detachment eye.png

Retinal Detachment

foreign body eye.jpeg

Foreign Body on Cornea

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