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Optical Department

Believer of premium eyewear and services, our optical offers fully customized prescription eyewear that focuses on your eyes.  We focus on current trends which is reflected in our diverse collection of handpicked eyewear every season.  As well as keeping up to date knowledge in lens technology through continue education and studies.  We only offer the best that suites your lifestyle needs.  Visit us to for an eyeglass consultation and discover our products.



Gordon Wood Eye Associates has a nice curated selection of independent, artisan eyewear and designer frames, carefully chosen every season. It is our pride to provide you with the newest fashion styles that are budget friendly. You get what you paid for, quality at an affordable price. Some brands carried are Ray Ban, Kate Spade, Hugo Boss, Tom Ford, Barton Perreira, Andy Wolf, For Arts Sake, Modo, ECO...and many more.



An important daily accessory that needs to aesthetically look appealing and serve as protective feature. UV400 from the sun and reflective glare are two big damaging components to the eye throughout the year. We are knowledgable with the collection of eyewear and lenses, therefore, we can recommend options that would be the most appropriate for your lifestyle needs. We carry the best polarized sunglass brand, Maui Jim.


Prescription Lenses

At Gordon Wood Eye Associates, only the best brands optically and visually are dispensed.

Ask us about the latest technology, new anti-reflective coatings, photochromic transitions, polarization or tints. We discuss the options best for your eye condition and lifestyle needs.


Safety Protection Glasses

Prevents severe eye injury from occupations like construction, welding and mining, as well as, from sports like cycling, jogging, basketball. Hazardous projectile objects, chemicals, radiation, microorganism are avoided. ANSI standards are met, with proper side shields and impact resistant lenses.


Eye See...Eye Learn! Children Program

In collaboration with Ontario school boards, this government funded program provides a complimentary pair of glasses to junior kindergarten who require a vision correction. Conditions apply. 


Adjustment and Repairs

Our skilled opticians ensure all eyewear is fitted correctly to your unique features, to see comfortably without distortion and irritation. If your glasses need a little tuning, we are here to make any adjustments and repairs custom to you.

An accident happened to your beloved eyewear. Drop by with your damaged or broken glasses and we will give you an honest appraisal. If we can fix it, a firm quote.

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